Live from the Devil's Triangle, volume 13

Posted by: Polly Moller 7 years, 2 months ago

KFJC 89.7 is having its annual fund drive and with your gift of $45, you can own a CD with a live performance by us of "One Should Never".  Check it out:

Fruits of our labors, but not the trees

Posted by: Larry the O 7 years, 7 months ago

One of the pleasures of working at Studio Faire la Nouba is the fruit trees that grow over the fence. Breaks in recording sessions often consist of stumbling out of the windowless studio into the bright sunlight and across the yard a few yards to pick a perfect orange, peach, or apple from one of the musician neighbor's prolific trees. But the sessions for our upcoming album have fallen in spring, after the oranges are gone and before the peaches and apples are out. So we settle for wine and celery with peanut butter.

Inside the studio, everyone retreats to their respective corners and we slug it out, trying to get a complete take we can use, with most of our tracks, including vocals, recorded live. For those unfamiliar with the recording process, this is unusual for the recording of most musical genres. Classical music is typically recorded live (that is, everyone playing in the same room at the same time, not necessarily in front of an audience), but a classical recording is as far from a complete take as you can get. They have jillions and zillions of edits. We only have a few in our tunes.

It's hard work, and kind of pressured, but very, very rewarding. In two weekends of recording sessions, we pretty much have the album in the can, other than some fixes and, possibly a bonus track or so. We have one more weekend of sessions scheduled, so we will see what surprises come out of that.

Rich has been our drug supplier, bringing bottles of Caparone wine and, this past weekend, some fine beers. Tim and Polly provide Scooby-snacks, and Larry and Amanda bring their appetites (a vital contribution).

But there is one key ingredient that has been highly conspicuous in its absence at our sessions: cheese. I mean, Polly is right, manchego is awesome, especially with wine. And yet, we harbor our cheeses for other times.

Analyze and discuss.

Cheese recommendation #1

Posted by: Polly Moller 7 years, 10 months ago

We are outside the recommended cheese but here is a cheese we recommend:

Cotswold is Double Gloucester blended with chives and spring onions. Its name comes from its visual similarity to a Cotswold stone.  It's Polly's favorite.  She goes all non-verbal when somebody brings it to a gathering.

For more cheese recommendations, come hear us at our Winters Tavern show tomorrow at 9 pm!

Flower Futures reviewed in Chain D.L.K.

Posted by: Polly Moller 7 years, 10 months ago

Here's a review by Steve Mecca which is just the kind of positive reinforcement we thrive on.  We hope all you buffs of the bizarre will dig it.

New videos now posted

Posted by: Polly Moller 8 years, 2 months ago

We had a great time performing live in the KFJC Pit on August 24th.  Here are our four favorite videos from that set:

This is a brand new instrumental tune by Tim Walters.

You might remember this one from Not Made of Stone by Polly Moller & Company, but it's different now!

This is a brand new piece by Amanda Chaudhary.  Lyrics by the Internet.

And here is a tune from our album Flower Futures.

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